Wall Wraps / Wall Coverings

Signs and Printing prints and installs wall wraps, and we consider this service one of our core competencies. The technique of printing and installing huge panels of adhesive wall vinyl, also known as wall wraps or wall coverings, is one of our main skills.

We produce your amazing designs at extremely large scales and we also help with design too. We offer a selection of material options based on your unique purposes. Let us know what you need done

Studio Wall Wrap


There are an endless number of unique applications for wall wrap printing. We are here to bring life to your barren office walls, liven up your restaurant, inspire and excite your workers, whatever your goal is, we are here to make your mural dreams a reality.

Wall wraps are essentially large wall stickers that adhere to the surface of most walls. Each panel flows into the next to form a seamless full-color image. The longevity of our materials is one of the most appealing features. Your mural will last for many years if you take great care of it.


You can add eye-catching vinyl writing to your wall with the right paint job. We cut vinyl wall lettering from solid color materials as well as full color printed vinyl. Vinyl wall lettering has a wide range of applications and may dramatically alter the ambiance of a room.


Building wraps are a contemporary approach to give expression to a structure and allow for very creative ad placement.  Most exterior surfaces, including brick, stucco, concrete, and glass windows are candidates for an exterior wall wrap.

Outdoor Building Wrap


The best wall murals are always the result of careful planning. When you contact us about wall wrap projects, we will ask you many of the following questions:

Printing and installation estimates are based on total area in square feet. Knowing the height and width will allow us to compute your estimate and determine whether or not lift equipment is required.

How much space do we have to work with? Is there enough area in the building for a scissor lift? Are there any unique key cards or codes required to gain access to the site?

How much time do we have to put your mural up? Could you tell me when you’d want to finish?

We’ll be able to determine the optimal material for your application using this information. Will the mural be removed?

Do you have an in-house designer? Do you require assistance in creating the artwork? Finally, we handle your files’ pre-production so that our panels are printed just how we want them.

Wall Wrap
Installation of wall vinyl


Using the right paint is the greatest method to ensure that your interior wall wrap adheres properly. Wall vinyl only adheres to walls with a gloss, semi-gloss, or eggshell finish. Our vinyl generally will not stick to walls that are dull and flat..


The cheapest wall wrap can be produced for walls that are totally flat, with no texture and a quality paint job. We can print / install the lower end of 3M adhesive materials if we can avoid textured walls.. Despite the fact that we are utilizing “simple” materials in this circumstance, your wall mural will last for years if you keep it clean throughout the length of its installation.

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