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Foam board printing is used universally throughout all industries because it can be used in retail, professional, office and party situations. We print full color foam board single sided or double sided and we generally complete all orders in just two business days. 


Direct To Surface – We print our foam board directly to surface instead of using a layer of material such as adhesive vinyl. This lowers cost on production as well as lowers production time which means that you save when printing foam board with us.

Foam Board

Types of Foam Board

We print three main types of foam core, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. In quick summary, the names are Foam Board, Ultra Board and Gator Board. In each case, our foam board is directly printed onto foam.

Foam Board

Standard Foam Board (FoamEx, Foamalite)

Our foam board printing go-to material is 3/16th” thickness white foam board which is very lightweight, and yet is rigid enough to stand up on an easel. The foam in the middle is soft and the surface of this material is paper faced which makes it excellent for printing on. This combination of properties makes foam board the most lightweight option, the lowest cost option as well as the most typically ordered foam board print..

Foam board
Ultra Board Wall

Ultra board

Ultra board is a type of foam core which is much more rigid and heavy than FoamEx. The foam center of the ultra board is more dense, the surface is thin plastic instead of paper, and the combination of these properties makes the Ultra board more durable and resistant to denting / cracking. We refer to Ultra board when seeking a lower cost alternative to Gator Board, but with the same quality, look and feel..

Foam board
Foam Board

Gator Board

Gator Board has name brand recognition because it’s durable, lightweight, comes both in black and white as well as 3/16th and ½” widths. Gator board is the original upgraded foam core board with its extra dense foam in the middle, and pvc surface.Many people know about Gator Board printing as it’s used universally for temporary to long length uses.

Foam Board

Contour Cut Foam Board (Die Cut)

Contouring is the process of cutting custom shapes (anything outside of a rectangular shape) out of the foam board signs and requires an extra step in both the design and production phase. Typically adding a day in turn-around time and a slightly higher, yet still affordable increase in price .


A contour cut could be anything from a simple rounding of corners, to having a triangular print, or something as intricate as a human-shaped cut-out. This option allows for a much more personalized and intricate design that can make your final product pop.

Contour Cut Foam Board
Foam Board
Contour Cut Foam Board

Foam Board Printing Sizes

Our foam board sheets start in a standard size of 4 feet by 8 feet, and we cut it apart depending on the size requirements of your order. We can easily run a group of different sizes on a single sheet of material and are only limited by the maximum dimension of 48” x 96” There are many “standard” sizes, so if you have something in mind, just let us know.

Foam Board

Common Uses for Foam Board, and when not to use it.

Foamboard is commonly used to provide an attention grabbing sturdy backing for prints so that the finished product is sturdy enough to stand up on its own. With Foam Core you get a lightweight and rigid material that can be mounted on any display you need such as on the following:

  • Kiosk Displays
  • Podium Prints
  • General Interior Signage
  • Exhibits
  • Sets and Props
  • Foam Board Posters
  • Custom Signs
Foam Board

Using Foam Board in place of a wall wrap

There are occasions when a wall wrap is needed however the wall is not in good shape, perhaps having a very poor paint job or with holes in the wall. Covering the wall in panels of printed foam board can be an effective alternative to a wall wrap, rather than taking the time and cost to fix your wall. At a full sheet size of 4’ x 8’, it doesn’t take too many panels to cover a very large area.

Foam Board

Can I use my Foam Board Outdoors?

The short answer is no – it’s too light weight and not waterproof. However, the combination of both rigid, yet forgiving material allows for temporary usage outside that will accommodate short-term events. However, we strongly recommend not leaving it outside unless the elements are forgiving and the length of time is minimal.

What are our Turnaround times for Foam Board Printing?

Normal order completion times are two business days from the time you place your order until the signs are delivered. Larger orders may take more time, so just get in contact with us to know more precisely. Commercial sized orders can take up to two weeks when printing hundreds of sheets at a time.

Foam Board

How can I order Foam Core Printing?

Reach out to us by filling out one of our contact forms and one of our printing agents will help you with a positive customer service experience which includes checking your files, providing estimates and eventually leading to you and your custom foam board print.

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