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We handle fence wraps in Seattle and surrounding cities. We are competitive for your business when it comes to wrapping the perimeter of your job site, and screening off production areas at your event. Whether you need vinyl or mesh banner fence wraps, we’ve got you covered.

Fence Wrap

Mesh Banner Fence Wraps

Mesh banner material is used for most of the fence wraps we produce. In our production, we employ a 70/30 mesh, and we can print in any length or height. Even the tallest fences can be covered by our 10 foot print width.


Professionals choose mesh banner material for their fence wraps because it allows for wind to pass through. This can be a great benefit to anyone in a windy area. For especially windy areas, we still recommend adding a windscreen on the other size of the fence for added protection.

Mesh Banner Material

Vinyl Banner Fence Wraps

Some people do not like the transparency of the mesh banners, and would prefer a solid image. This is when we will print vinyl banners over mesh. Get full color eye catching results printed on our banner material.


We recommend adding a traditional windscreen behind your banners on the opposite side of the fence for added strength.In a windy area, these vinyl banners will want to take off like a sail. We normally recommend adding webbing to the edges of your banners for added strength.

How Large Should You Print Your Fence Panels?

We recommend not longer than 25’ for each panel. The reason why? The Reasons are twofold: 

Managing the banner in length greater than 25 feet can get awkward – at these sizes, the banners can get heavy and because of this we recommend using shorter panels. 

Your fence might not be as straight as you planned it. Having shorter panels allows for variance in the shifting height of your fence, whereas very long banners will get wrinkled, as you attempt to follow a crooked 100 foot line. 

A commonly  used solution is to simply print one banner for each segment of your fence. The most common fence panels are 6’ x 10’ and 6’ x 12’.

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