Coroplast Signs & Printing

Common Corrugated plastic Signs have so many uses its hard to specify just one.. From Yard Signs, Politics, to Wall displays..

Seattle Coroplast Printing And Signs

Printing Options: Single-sided & Double Sided

Materials Specs Available: 4mm & 10mm Avail. With either Horizontal & Vertical Corrugated Grooves alignment

Printing Process: Solvent, UV, & Latex

Coroplast signs are tough, lightweight, durable, and weatherproof. they are plastic corrugated boards that can be used indoor or outdoor & are also suitable for long-term applications.

We print our coroplast via flatbed with direct to print high quality upto 1400 dpi UV Printing Process and can match PMS requirements and incredibly fast too!


Select from 4mil or 10mil thickness with 4’x8′ & 5’x10′ sheet sizes available

Corrugated plastic board, a fire rated display product that can easily be drilled.

Indoors they can easily be displayed using Velcro tape, suction cups or double sided tape.

Outdoors they can be screwed, nailed or riveted to any suitable surface.