Seattle Trade Show, Expo, & Meeting Printing
Imagine, Consult, Design, Print, Fabricate, Deliver, Setup & Install, Removal & Breakdown. Let us take you from inception to white glove installation services.

Event Graphics are Our Specialty

Experience…Our team has over two decades of industry experience. Our passions for design, marketing, printing and branding don’t stop in the office! Our vision is your success.

Capabilities… We have all the best capabilities in terms of equipment. Our research into the ever changing print technology keeps us ahead of the curve, always.

Visual Delight… Quality!, Quality!, Quality! We produce the best graphics in existence through color matching and pristine finishing.


DO NOT CUT CORNERS – Look at it this way- You, your company, or client is investing a lot of money to attend, present, and or create this event… Graphics are very visual so the quality needs to be on point. The same goes for a timely delivery and flawless setup/installation. Our certified installers carry the same dedication in assuring the success of your presentation. Lastly, we ENJOY the communication aspect, not just when everything is flawless but when your project requires modification or creative changes.



If you are attending a trade show as a vendor / have a booth, it is a challenge to make your brand or cause stand out against all the rest. This is our area of expertise! We are creative masters & we will help you get through this event as everybody watches with AWE…


Whether you need a retractable banner, a banner or backdrop printed, a canopy or tent, PVC or Foam Signage, dimensional lettering, lights, trussing, vinyl lettering or cut-outs, displays or signage, Seattle Banner Printing is your one stop shop!


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Building wraps have become increasingly popular in the last decade for several reasons. A building wrap is an excellent tool to enable otherwise “wasted” spaces and turn them into advertising gems! These too fall under our GO BIG OR GO HOME category.

We at Seattle Signs and Printing like nothing more than offering a HUGE impact for your brand or company to the world, and we do it by maximizing your graphics to the large scale potential of structures around the city. Pulling permits is no fun task, so leave the legwork to us as we coordinate the permitting and installation of your graphics.

If you want the best bang for your buck in grand format printing then look no further than Seattle Signs and Printing! Our enhanced color digital prints will put the wow factor back in your brand or image.

Seattle Billboard Printing & Outdoor Advertising Bulliteins

We call it GO BIG OR GO HOME advertising! Be seen by thousands of people daily..

Billboards come in many shapes and sizes as well as differnet hanging specifications, material, and other requirements such as lighting and mobile extensions. Seattle Billboard Printing And Outdoor Advertising is our special nitch and we strive to make it our frontline talent. We work with all billboard, bulletin and outdoor advertising companies in order to provide a professional A-Z service. Our certified independent contractors not only install with confidence and professionalism but will treat your branding as if it is their own; with your advertising budget in mind all throughout.

We also print and sell other forms of outdoor advertising such as bus, train, lightrail, subway, stadiums, taxis, pedi cabs, bus stops, and just about any other public space imagineable. In addition to being well versed in the ever changing industry standards, our company utilizes an assortment of eco-friendly inks and materials in our billboard and large format printing.

Unlinke other printers, we are skilled in minimizing waste and loss to avoid reprints, added costs, and environmental impacts. Because of this, we are able to offer Washington’s lowest large format cost.

Outdoor Graphics = More Sales = More Revenue

Wherever advertising happens, be it in your commute via car, bike, bus or foot, our graphics are designed to make an impact be outdoors. Visibility is our middle name!

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Vinyl & Mesh Banner Printing

Seattle Banner Printing, our vinyl banners are made with vibrant, durable UV Latex or Solvent inks and high-quality US made vinyl to create superior quality banners. Our graphics knowledge is excellent, which leads to the best possible graphics available. All our banners are water, scratch, and UV resistant. Whether you need a banner for an indoor or outdoor message, Seattle Signs and Printing will create a long-lasting, first-rate banner made just for you..


Banner Graphics (Summarized)

There are so many different banner options avail these days that its almost impossible to touch on them all. but i especially want to point out a a couple.

1. Standard Vinyl (typically 13oz)
2. Mesh Banner Vinyl (also referred to as Scrim)
3. Backlit & Frontlit (these explain themselves)
4. Blockout (used mainly for double sided banners)

Standard Materials:
13 oz. Vinyl Banner
10 oz. Vinyl Banner
16 oz. Blockout Vinyl Banner
22 oz. Blockout Vinyl Banner
Back-lit Vinyl Banners
Front-lit Vinyl Banners
18 oz. vinyl Banner
Smooth Face 15 oz.
Mesh Banner 8 oz. 9 oz. & 10 oz.
Mesh Banner (80/20) (70/30) & (60/40)

Most available in a matte & glossy finish.

Printing Options:
Single-sided & double-sided printing possible along with back-to-back printing if needed

Mesh Banner Material

Mesh Banners are great for use outdoor in weather and especially great for banners larger than 10ft because they allow wind to blow through them greatly reducing stress or pressure of the banner. Also reduce noise reduction so are commonly found at concerts as well.

Wide-Format Printing & Graphics

Coroplast Signs & Printing

Common Corrugated plastic Signs have so many uses its hard to specify just one.. From Yard Signs, Politics, to Wall displays..

Seattle Coroplast Printing And Signs

Printing Options: Single-sided & Double Sided

Materials Specs Available: 4mm & 10mm Avail. With either Horizontal & Vertical Corrugated Grooves alignment

Printing Process: Solvent, UV, & Latex

Coroplast signs are tough, lightweight, durable, and weatherproof. they are plastic corrugated boards that can be used indoor or outdoor & are also suitable for long-term applications.

We print our coroplast via flatbed with direct to print high quality upto 1400 dpi UV Printing Process and can match PMS requirements and incredibly fast too!


Select from 4mil or 10mil thickness with 4’x8′ & 5’x10′ sheet sizes available

Corrugated plastic board, a fire rated display product that can easily be drilled.

Indoors they can easily be displayed using Velcro tape, suction cups or double sided tape.

Outdoors they can be screwed, nailed or riveted to any suitable surface.

Common products sold such as; banners, posters, coroplast, foam core, & other wide-format materials can be recycled and re-used.  Please Recycle all unused products according to State Regulations.

We use state of the art equipment, top of the line materials, & offer a variety of wide format printing options to cater to your needs. Our staff is the friendliest around and our turn-around time is by far the quickest! Let us help you on your next project and remember there is no project too big or small for us to handle! Give us a Call today (206) 588-5592 or shoot us an Email at

We Recycle & Reuse if possible Lexan and all Other print related materials.

Event Barricades Seattle

Barricades are a great way to Guide people at an event this helps with egress problems and also helps to maintain safety for the event and its attendees.

Barricades are a great way to Guide people at an event this help with egress problems and also helps to maintain the event safety.

Seattle Event and Brand Printing

Do you have an event around the corner? We Have so many of the best solutions when it comes to event graphics and printing. plus we are flexible and can usually get last minute additions and changes done for you…

If your Looking to solidify your brand identity or establish brand recognition? Let our team of Event Printing Experts cater to your event needs. In fact, one of our printing experts is a previous night club owner and specializes in marketing and event promoting, ensuring you an advertising genius!

Seattle Event Printing obtains the experience to have successfully participated in a variety of events such as Conferences, Conventions, Special-Events, Trade-Shows, Concerts, Festivals, Stage Line-Ups, Commercials, Red-Carpet Events, and of course Private or Specialized Events.

Event Printing Experts are waiting for their next challenge but continually provide specialized products such as: Speaker Mesh Banner (scrim), Vinyl Banners, Truss Systems to hand signs and light off, Barricade Printing, Fence Mesh, Pole Flags and Tents, Coroplast, Step & Repeats, Asphalt and Floor Graphics, Wall Graphics, Structure Wrapping, Directional Signage, Climbing Wall Graphics, Patio Graphics, and but not limited to Pool Graphics.

Foam Signs & FoamBoard Printing

Printed Foam board is a cost effective rigid display solution useful for retail displays, signs, exhibition panels, event signage, suspended displays and outdoor wall mounted signs.

Foam-core signs are semi-tough, lightweight, durable, and weatherproof. they are foam based boards that can be used indoor or outdoor & are also suitable for long-term applications.

We print our foam-ex / foam-core / foam-board / gator-board / ultra-board / sintra etc via flatbed with direct to print high quality 1400 dpi UV Process and can match any and all PMS requirements and incredibly fast too!

Select from 3/16″ 1/2″ or 1″ board

Foamex board, a fire rated display product that can easily be drilled.

Indoors they can easily be displayed using Velcro tape, suction cups or double sided tape.

Outdoors they can be screwed, nailed or riveted to any suitable surface.

Well for starters there not just used for size but also speed. Say we 100 3 ft x 6 ft banners to print for a really good client of ours last minute so on a machine that size we can get many more done in less time…

Now for some Super-Wide print example